2014 to 2018 have been the warmest years ever recorded globally.

The USA's pursuit of fracking over the last 15 years is one of the biggest contributors to this.

Fracking destroys the area in which it is extracted and between 3.5% to 7.5% of the methane gas from every well leaks into the atmosphere. The greenhouse effect of methane is 86 times that of carbon dioxide in the first twenty years.


Leakage also occurs during transportation, liquidation and re-gasification, making fracked LNG (liquified natural gas) by far the most dangerous fossil fuel for global warming.

The US plans to flood the Irish and European markets with Fracked LNG. The proposed re-gasification plant in north Kerry will allow them to do this.

The Company that would supply the LNG is American multinational New Fortress Energy. They are taking advantage of hurricane ravaged Puerto Rico in a bid to flood their market with fracked LNG.

Our local T.D.s, councillors and MEPs are lobbying for this. We must let them know that this is a crime against our children and our planet!

Over twenty environmental groups across Ireland have come out against Shannon LNG. The successful high court challenge by Friends of the Irish Environment in February 2019, means that it is now in the hands of the European courts.


It is time for the people of Kerry to let the world know that we do not share the same disregard for life that stains our politicians.

It is time for a better way.

For more information on the effects of Shannon LNG locally, nationally and internationally, visit:


Our local councillors call this a 'critical' project for north Kerry. The commercial rates from the project will make them one of the richest councils in Ireland. Enough 'Trickle down' economics!

Enough putting the needs of big business over the common good!

The 50 to 75 full time jobs from this project in no way compensate for the long term damage damage.

Inter-generational Climate Justice is Critical!

The free market will not achieve this!

EU and Trump talk LNG


Head of european commission Jean Claude Juncker assures the US president that Europe will find a way around environmental regulations to import Fracked LNG.

The EU have placed 'Shannon LNG' in 'projects of the common interest' without any strategic environmental assessment. This means that your taxes will fund half of its construction.

Tell your MEP that this is unacceptable and against the common interest!

"Energy Secuirity" or Energy Imperialism?


There is nothing secure about enforced dependency on something that will mean the end of life as we know it on this planet.

The capitalist world economy is on a collision course with nature, and our future generations will suffer if we do not accept that business as usual is over. Third world people around the globe are already sufferring. It is time for a just transition.

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