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I  started this campaign because I believe that local and national media is not giving the full picture regarding to Shannon LNG and I am not satisfied by the scope debate Shannon LNG. Having emigrated at the height of the recession I can understand the concerns of people who support this, in combating emigration from the area. However, a land bank this big could potentially benefit the people of Kerry much more than the 50-75 jobs that Shannon LNG have promised, if we followed the examples of sustainable developments such as one planet development in Wales. I believe our shortsighted politicians need to be called out for downplaying the effects that climate change will have; playing on the economic stagnation of north kerry in the interest of big business and the much coveted commercial rates it will bring to the council.

I am currently doing my MA disertation on Energy Imperialism and this campaign is informed by my research. I could not in good conscience continue research on this topic without in some small way challenging energy imperialism on my doorstep. This campaign is non-partisan and not affiliated with any political organisation. I hope that it inspires debate and dialogue between generations so that we can work together towards a better future.


Eoghan Harris


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Email : futuregenerationskerry@hotmail.com


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