• Eoghan Harris

Open letter to Councillor Mike kennelly

Councillor Mike Kennelly



Co. Kerry

Dear Mr. Kennelly

I am writing you this open letter regarding your support for Shannon LNG, which if successful, will see Ireland dependent on American fracked shale-gas. As you should know by now, fracking has made large parts of north America uninhabitable for the next one hundred years or more, and is contributing to global warming more than any other energy source through the enormous methane leakage which is an unavoidable part of the process. When the public environmental talk in February given by Friends of the Earth was interrupted by protesters in support of Shannon LNG, they did so as members of a community who had been promised a project for the last twelve years that would provide local employment. It is not my place to say whether they knew or cared about the social, political and ecological consequences of supporting an enforced dependency on fracked LNG.

When you joined this protest on the other hand, you did so in your capacity as a public representative and therefore, you had an obligation to know these consequences. It is beyond my knowledge whether you were ignorant of issues of global warming and the consequences of Shannon LNG or whether you knew, and still went ahead for the sake of a few votes in Ballylongford and the potential council rates. Either way, you failed to take into account the effect of the fracked LNG trade on our planetary ecosystem and future generations. The mass mobilizations and school strikes which have occurred in the past few months show that support for projects that put short term profits over peoples lives and the environment are unacceptable. Now that our national government and two county councils have declared a climate emergency, I am asking you to honor this nationwide call at a local level and publicly relinquish your support for American fossil fuel interests before this election. If not, the future generations of Kerry will surely not forgive you.

Yours sincerely

Eoghan Harris

Future Generations Kerry

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